An introduction to Farmplan

Farmplan provides the tools that enable UK farmers to manage their business with efficiency and confidence. With easy-to-use software and dedicated support, Farmplan specialises in helping rural businesses improve performance, encourage growth, and ensure legislative compliance.

Farmplan also offers a range of I.T. equipment including computers, networks plus services such as cloud-based storage solutions and anti-virus software. To further support you their Tech Team is based in the UK and provides dedicated and experienced hardware and systems support.

Further information about Farmplan can be viewed on the Farmplan website.

Farmplan Business Cloud

On the farm or in the office, make your everyday business tasks easier with Farmplan Business Cloud, an accounting package designed specifically to fit the growing needs of farmers and rural businesses. All underpinned by familiar terminology that means something to your business and supported by a dedicated and experienced team.

Key benefits:

  • Time-saving
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better collaboration
  • Improved financial control
  • Better decision support
  • Always complaint

Farmplan Business Cloud video

To find out more about Farmplan Business Cloud you can watch the video demo below:


Gatekeeper software for crop management can help you analyse the performance of your cropping enterprise whilst dealing effectively and efficiently with crop legislation.

Gatekeeper can be used to help you:

  • Manage LERAP and pesticide applications
  • Create compliant Nutrient Management Plans (RB209)
  • Manage NVZ & HSE requirements
  • Demonstrate Field Traceability & Assured Scheme Compliance
  • Create Work Plans
  • Analyse inputs & margins

Further details on Farmplan’s cropping solutions can be viewed here

Livestock Management Software

Farmplan’s cattle software helps you to plan productively, assess your herd performance and make sound cattle management decisions relating to farm profitability. For more information click here.

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