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Farmplan provides the tools that enable UK farmers to manage their business with efficiency and confidence. With easy-to-use software and dedicated support, Farmplan specialises in helping rural businesses improve performance, encourage growth and ensure legislative compliance.

Farmplan also offers a range of I.T. equipment including computers, networks and EID devices plus services such as cloud-based storage solutions and anti-virus software. Their Tech Team is based in the UK offering hardware and systems support.

Further information about Farmplan can be viewed on the Farmplan website.

Business Manager

Ideal for those wanting to manage their farming enterprises, monitor performance and use business data to inform decisions, whilst managing cashflow, income and expenditure and VAT in a straightforward way. The software can produce a range of essential reports including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

Cash Manager

Working along similar lines to a manual cashbook, Cash Manager software can be used for managing accounts records such as VAT, cashflow, payments and receipts, and bank reconciliation. It can help you see how your enterprises are performing, monitor what’s been paid and what you have available to spend as well as help you provide any necessary information for your accountant or bank manager.

Cash Focus

Cash Focus accounts software is suitable for those who are looking for a very basic cash management system. It can help you manage income and expenditure as well as provide a clear view of what money is available to spend and what’s been paid. More details on this product can be viewed on the Farmplan website here.

Other software products in the Farmplan range:

Livestock Management Software

Farmplan’s cattle software and sheep software helps you keep animal records for farm management and to demonstrate legislative compliance e.g. cattle movements, sheep movements, animal births and deaths, veterinary and medical details.

GateKeeper Crop Management and Precision Farming Software

GateKeeper software for crop management can help you analyse the performance of your cropping enterprise whilst dealing effectively and efficiently with crop legislation.

GateKeeper can be used to help you:

  • Manage LERAP and pesticide applications
  • Create compliant Nutrient Management Plans (RB209)
  • Manage NVZ & HSE requirements
  • Demonstrate Field Traceability & Assured Scheme Compliance
  • Create Work Plans
  • Analyse inputs & margins

Further details on Farmplan’s GateKeeper software can be viewed here.

Property Management Software

Property Manager is a simple to use property management software tool for managing property portfolios. The program is designed to help users keep track of rent reviews, issue demands, keep up to date with insurance and inspections, monitor work schedules and remember important dates and deadlines. Details on Farmplan’s Property Management software can be found here.

Payroll Software – Earnie Payroll

Payroll software to help you manage your payroll records, run the payroll and meet your statutory payroll requirements.

The software automatically performs pay related calculations. You can adjust hours worked by each employee and set different rates for standard pay, overtime, weekends etc. It can calculate Tax and National Insurance and can make adjustments for statutory sick pay (SSP), maternity pay (SMP), pensions, bonuses etc.

You can then use it to generate printable or emailable payslips for employees. The software also guides you through the Real Time Information process, calculates how much you need to pay HMRC each month and produces P60 forms for your employees at the end of the year. RTI and Auto Enrolment ready. Details of Farmplan’s Earnie Payroll can be viewed here.

If you are seeking bookkeeping software for farmers or the best farm accounting software then please contact your local MFW office for more information.

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