Supporting our manufacturers

As one of the oldest UK industries, manufacturing has and continues to face many changes. It is open to numerous pressures including competition from global markets, currency and interest rates, availability of labour and regulation.

Businesses within this sector need the support of an experienced and professional adviser to ensure they receive the best possible support.

How can we help?

Our service offering for manufacturers

We have considerable experience within the manufacturing sector and can help you:

  • With acquisitions, disposals and mergers
  • To make key investment decisions
  • To secure the best possible finance to fund/run your business
  • To manage your cash flow
  • By providing accounting and auditing support including assistance in the production of management accounts
  • Process all or part of your payroll including making any necessary BACs payments on your behalf
  • To secure the best foreign currency transactions
  • Manage your stock control and minimise pricing fluctuations
  • Assist with job and product costing systems

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