Leisure Trusts

For both registered and exempt charities, the regularity environment for Leisure Trusts is one that requires careful navigation.

Challenges for Leisure Trusts

The regulatory environment, accompanied by some complex VAT issues, together with the structural and tax implications of non primary purpose trading; that all charitable organisations face, mean that organisations in this sector require a high level of advisory work and expert advice. It is in this area that McCabe Ford Williams excel.

We have been actively providing advice, support and accountancy related services to an ever growing number of leisure trusts for the past 20 years.

Services for Leisure Trusts

We offer a range of services which include:

  • Annual audit
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Internal audit
  • Specialist VAT and Tax advice
  • Advice on accounting systems and computerisation
  • The provision of a range of business services including payroll processing, bookkeeping, and a BACs bureau, etc.
  • Secretarial duties to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission, Companies House and the Financial Conduct Authority where applicable
  • The provision of trustee training
  • Advice on corporate structures including issues arising from trading activities
  • Advice on acquisitions, mergers and collaborative partnerships
  • Assistance with the set up of charitable organisations.

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