Family Business

Family businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and are also the leading source of new employment generation. We not only work with many family businesses, which have been established for many years, but also with new start-ups who are developing their businesses for future generations.

What We Do

At McCabe Ford Williams we are much more than a Chartered Accountancy Firm as we are able to advise you on all aspects of your business and we are available as and when you need our support and advice.

We have been working with family businesses since 1936, helping them to become established and to develop and expand over the years. We understand family businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the sometimes difficult decisions many face as the business grows.

Whatever the business…

… we can help you with:

  • Launching new businesses
  • Providing advice on how to make your business a success
  • Developing your business at a rate you are comfortable with
  • Providing advice on business and personal taxation
  • Assisting with communication and conflict
  • Arrange your affairs in the most appropriate manner and structure
  • Developing an exit strategy plan
  • Providing advice on Inheritance Tax

How we work

We offer a wide range of services developed with family businesses in mind and which are tailored to individual needs.

Our services include…

  • Producing accounts
  • Completing tax returns
  • Developing forecasts for expansion
  • Setting up new businesses
  • Assisting in raising finance for new and existing ventures
  • Developing the correct tax planning strategy for you and your business
  • Assisting you with your bookkeepingVAT and payroll requirements
  • Helping you to find the right accounting software for you including cloud accounting solutions designed so that you can access your financial information online, anywhere and anytime
  • Keeping you up to date with current legislation

Our process

We offer a free initial consultation in order that you can discuss, in confidence, your initial ideas and queries.

Thereafter we work to build relationship with you in order to proactively help you run your business.

We can also provide advice on the latest accountancy software, including cloud computing accounting solutions and can help you set up best practise systems and solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

We will explain the best structure for your business and provide you with an idea on your tax liabilities so you will never be caught out by the taxman.

To book a free initial consultation or to speak to one of our advisors then call your local office.

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