A Day In The Life Of A Partner

Introducing Ashley Phillips, FCCA

A Dayu in the Life of a Partner

Working his way to the top!

Ashley is a great example of an MFW team member who worked their way up through various roles to reach the highest position within the Firm, that of a partner.  He joined the firm in 2008, and over the next 8 years, Ashley applied himself to become a qualified accountant and auditor.  Ashley worked his way up from being a manager, to an associate position before finally becoming a partner in 2016.

Benefits of working at MFW

He says that one of the major benefits of working at MFW is that everyone matters and everyone has a voice. Through his experience, he found that MFW is a Firm that is willing to listen to suggestions.  He is grateful that he was given the opportunity to help to shape his local MFW office, together with the wider Firm, and that he now also gets to be the one listening to other team members’ ideas, thereby giving them a chance to be involved in helping to shape the future of the Firm.   He says that’s the point, whoever you are at MFW, you consider it ‘our Firm’.

An average day for Ashley

Now, as a partner, Ashley enjoys the fact that no two days are the same. As he says, “clients evolve over time, as does everyone who works with us. That means that even when you are ultimately in charge you still have opportunities to learn from those around you and to develop and grow as both a business advisor and a business owner.” 

Ashley loves to help his clients achieve their goals. He says of this, “To be a good advisor you have to understand what is important to your clients. Helping them to develop their business and meet their work and personal goals is what this profession is all about.”

A focus on the future of the firm

Ashley is the partner who heads the Training Committee at MFW, a position he takes very seriously.  As he says, “I have always enjoyed training and developing others. Seeing trainees go from having no experience to becoming brilliant accountants, auditors or tax advisors gives you an amazing sense of achievement.

Investing in people is so important and it is the most rewarding feeling when someone says to you that they have succeeded in their aims. No matter where someone ends up working in their career, our MFW alumni are shaping the future of accountancy”.