Acquisitions & Disposals

How to maximise buying and selling your business

When developing a business, there may come a time when the most appropriate course of action is to acquire an existing business.  This can apply to well established businesses, or to anyone starting out in a business and wanting to get started.

There are also times once you have built a good business that you may need to sell off some part of it and diversify or perhaps look to step away from the business and sell.

Complex & time consuming

Business acquisitions and disposals are often a very time consuming and complex process, which can be undertaken in various ways, with varying tax consequences, depending on the various approaches that can be taken, whether buying or selling.

Professional advice

It is vital when considering either that you use professional advisers during this process to ensure you structure the deal to your best advantage.

Our acquisition & disposal advisors can help.

Our advice will help you:

  • To identify and evaluate all aspects of potential acquisitions
  • Agree a strategy for how to approach the situation
  • Assist in the preparation of business plans and business forecasts
  • Work with you to establish how any acquisition would fit into your business
  • Consider the optimal structure for tax, finance and business structuring
  • Negotiate with the vendor/purchaser
  • Work alongside all other involved professionals to relieve as much of pressure from your workload.

All of our offices are well equipped to deal with the above scenario and have excellent relationships with banks, financial institutions, lawyers and other corporate finance professionals. 

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