BACS approved bureau services

Our Sittingbourne office operates a fully accredited and regulated BACS bureau, providing BACS Direct Credit services to clients across our entire firm’s client base.


We utilise a secure platform for the transfer of data relating to all payments to be processed and have internal procedures in place for dual-authorisation of payments, giving you additional confidence in your financial internal control environment.

Payroll solution

Our approved BACS bureau enables us to offer a full payroll solution to our clients, including the payment of employees and HMRC liabilities, which a number of payroll bureaus are unable to offer.

Cost effective

For businesses with only a few BACS transactions required each month, operating an internal BACS system can be expensive and time consuming. Our BACS bureau offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to those problems and our experienced team can assist you with getting everything set up with your bank.

For businesses with a large number of BACS transactions per month we can complement your existing finance team without the need for a dedicated internal resource for processing BACS payments.

More help

Whether you have existing BACS services or are looking to make your first move to BACS from other less secure payment methods we can help you.

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