MFW Payroll Services

With the growing complexity of employment legislation and taxation and penalties for non-compliance, running your own payroll can be an administrative burden, diverting resources from running your business.

How we can help

We have a dedicated team of payroll specialists who can relieve this burden, providing a comprehensive payroll service, including:

  • Help with coronavirus issues including help with CJRS claims.
  • Compliance with legislation relating to Auto Enrolment including processing pension assessments, contributions and payments to pension providers.
  • Calculating your PAYERTInational insurancestatutory sick paystatutory maternity pay, etc
  • Analyses and summaries of staff costs and deductions
  • Administration of pension scheme deductions
  • Processing of bonuses, termination payments and ex-gratia payments
  • Advising on and dealing with any benefits in kind
  • Preparation of customised payslips
  • Preparation of all statutory forms, including end of year returns to be filed with HM Revenue & Customs and forms for your employees

Our dedicated payroll services team will ensure your confidence in payroll administration, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Auto Enrolment

The law on workplace pensions has now changed to ensure that more people are saving for their retirement. If you are a UK employer then this will affect you and you will need to take early actions in order to prepare for it.

You will receive a letter from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) one year in advance of your staging date. This letter will not only notify you of your staging date but will also outline basic information about your employer duties, However, it pays to be aware of these changes as soon as possible so that you can establish, and put in place, procedures that will help you better cope. To be proactive, therefore, you can find out your staging date prior to receiving your letter by entering your PAYE reference code here.

Here is the full extent of what needs to be done to comply with the law.

If you are still confused about Auto Enrolment and how this affects you visit our Auto Enrolment page or contact us.

BACS approved bureau services

Our Sittingbourne office operates a fully accredited and regulated BACS bureau, providing BACS Direct Credit services to clients across our entire firm’s client base.


We utilise a secure platform for the transfer of data relating to all payments to be processed and have internal procedures in place for dual-authorisation of payments, giving you additional confidence in your financial internal control environment.

Payroll solution

Our approved BACS bureau enables us to offer a full payroll solution to our clients, including the payment of employees and HMRC liabilities, which a number of payroll bureaus are unable to offer.

Cost effective

For businesses with only a few BACS transactions required each month, operating an internal BACS system can be expensive and time consuming. Our BACS bureau offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to those problems and our experienced team can assist you with getting everything set up with your bank.

For businesses with a large number of BACS transactions per month we can complement your existing finance team without the need for a dedicated internal resource for processing BACS payments.

More help

Whether you have existing BACS services or are looking to make your first move to BACS from other less secure payment methods we can help you.

We also offer bookkeeping services to help make your day-to-day processes much simpler.

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