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Updated: 22/2/2021

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme – receiving payments you were not entitled to

HMRC have issued document CC/FS58 which outlines more details about repaying payments received under the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme.

The CC/FS58 document can be downloaded here.

The Eat Out to Help Out Scheme has now closed. However, eligible and registered businesses must make their claims by 30 September to be compensated.

How to claim

Go online to claim here.

  • Enter the details for all the establishments you are claiming for but do be sure to check your calculations are correct before submitting.

When you sign into the service you must choose the periods that you claiming for, from:

  • 3 to 5 August
  • 10 to 12 August
  • 17 to 19 August
  • 24 to 26 August
  • 31 August

You must also enter the total number of covers and claim value for each establishment that has offered the scheme discount.

HMRC have produced some examples which can be viewed here.

Records you must keep

For each day you use the scheme, you must keep records of the:

  • total number of people who have used the scheme in your establishment
  • total value of transactions under the scheme
  • total amount of discounts you’ve given

If you are using the scheme for more than one establishment, you must keep these records for each.

More information

HMRC have produced a video explaining how you can make a claim. You can view this video below.
Eat Out to Help Out Scheme – How to claim

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