interest relief for buy to lets

Posted by philipcragg - November 27, 2017 12:20 pm Interest relief for buy to lets

Buy to let landlords reminder

Just a reminder to those buy to let landlords who pay higher rate tax and have mortgage interest deductions.

From this year, 2017-18, the tax relief on interest starts to reduce down to a flat 20% tax reducer by 2020-21.  Therefore, tax bills will start to increase as in 2017-18 as only 75% of interest will be deductible with tax relief at the marginal rate and the remaining 25% will obtain a flat 20% tax reducer.  For 2018-19, only 50% will be deducted with the other 50% given as a 20% reducer.

For 2019-20, only 25% will be deducted with the remaining 75% given as a 20% tax reduction.  In 2010-21, all of the interest will only receive a 20% tax reducer.

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